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Our Projects

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“Familiarizing Yourself with the Offer”

“Right from the outset of my offering for individual clients, I aimed to streamline both the proposal and the space creation process to ensure that the designing individual enjoys only the finest experiences while visualizing their dream space.”


“Providing Initial Design Materials”

“At the beginning, I will need technical blueprints with dimensions of the rooms that are going to be designed. It can also be a hand-drawn sketch. Additionally, I require the initial photos for inspiration.”


“Face-to-Face Consultation”

“This is our initial meeting to go over the design process. I will already have empty spaces prepared, and we will start the design based on them.”


“Supplying Design Materials.”

“Based on the finishes suggested by me from DESIGN ZONE or chosen and provided by the client, I will start preparing the initial version of the project.”


“Three Sets of Modifications”

“Every round of modifications enables the client to make any interior enhancements. Following each enhancement, the client receives HD-quality photos to confirm their choices.”


Finalizing the Chosen Space

“Upon choosing the final room design, the space will be rendered in 4K quality using a main camera and three additional cameras to capture the interior from different perspectives.”